Shift Bristol

Shift Bristol is a not for profit organisation providing innovative and immersive training in building sustainability and resilience. We have 20 years experience of teaching practical skills, design systems and collaborative approaches. We invite you to find your passion, challenge yourself and take positive action.

Do you have a volunteering, training, employment opportunity, or are organising an event related to practical sustainability? Shift Bristol can help spread the word via our social media networks and connections; Tell them about it here. As an organisation Shift Bristol don’t own premises or land. Their teaching takes place in a variety of locations across Bristol and further afield. This helps ground skill development in a real-world context, improving the assets and resilience of organisations and businesses to thrive in a world facing multiple challenges. Each year they look for partnership sites to; install Living Willow Sculptures, Retrofit existing buildings, ‘Permablitz’ (fix and mend), and complete three design projects to increase the health, resilience, dynamism, flow and productivity of land-based sites. Volunteer yours for some insightful input! Each year of the Practical Sustainability Course our students build a low-impact roundhouse on a different site, with the talented Sheltercraft team. Get in touch with them if you are interested in having a roundhouse built.

Why are you most excited about joining the Future Leap Network?
To tell others, and hear from others, all the exciting things that are happening in the city and the events we are organising. The ability to hot desk in a stimulating environment.

shift bristol
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