Vicolo Sei Chocolates

Tell us about the service or product your organisation offers, along with your wider purpose. This is an opportunity to share your sustainability goals and ambitions.
With Vicolo Sei, I want to promote a sustainable future for chocolate! The importance of eating premium single origin chocolate and celebrating its luxurious and healthy characteristics. I offer sensory chocolate tasting experiences for those eager to recognize flavour profiles and notes and the process about chocolate is made from cropping, harvest, post- harvest, and chocolate finishing. My goal is achieving this premise through sustainable methods of sourcing and transparency along the supply chain, as we ethically sources cacao directly from local producers in Ecuador.

Vicolo Sei Chocolates is keen to support fellow members with knowledge and skills about sustainable trading and engagement with local communities. The organisation is also keen to provide interactive workshops for capacity building.

Why are you most excited about joining the Future Leap Network?
I believe that running the experiences at the Futurue Leap will complement with what we want to achieve: supporting sustainable food choices, consumption and cacao farming where is produced. The space is just right for me to improve the experience by bringing new add-ons such us a mini-cacao roasting/ grinding experience while running the session.

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