Jump Design & Print

Jump creates sustainable Print and Direct Mail that regenerates the world’s forests. Their mission is simple. To create outstanding sustainable print that regenerates the world’s forests. Carbon-negative campaigns that achieve a positive impact. Imagine a world where print and the environment go hand in hand. No more unnecessary chemicals, wasted water, and carbon output. Jump is the World’s First Dual Certified B Corp & Carbon Balanced Printer. Jump’s services include: Litho Print, Digital Print, Direct Mail, Web-2-Print, Large Format Print, Packaging, Merchandise, Creative, Studio, and Web Design.

Please detail ways in which your organisation can support fellow members of the Future Leap Network?
Ethical and sustainable printing, digital design & direct mail solutions.

Why are you most excited about joining the Future Leap Network?
Connection to amazing businesses in and around Bristol who want to make the world a slightly better place.

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