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Anna coaches individuals and purpose-driven organisations working for people and planetary health, empowering them to thrive and reach their full potential. She offers transformational life, leadership and holistic mind-body coaching with an emphasis on deepening your sense of connection to self, others and the communities and world we inhabit. Her work stems from her belief in the profound link between deep self-understanding and inner work and developing authentic, meaningful and rewarding behaviours, action and impact in our environment.

Anna will guide you to a greater understanding of yourself, your purpose and your next steps through providing and holding a safe, confidential space for exploration, reflection, guidance and clarity, enabling your development of greater self-awareness, alignment and focus. Through leadership, executive and team coaching Anna works with organisations to support them in their next steps whether through strengthening team dynamics, communication, mission alignment, sustainability practices, productivity and staff health and wellbeing. In all her coaching, Anna coaches the ‘whole person’. She has a strong understanding and training in the mind-body connection and the value of developing a listening field through our entire being not solely through our intellect but as much through feeling and intuition as logic.

Anâhata’s coaching packages are suited to creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, activists, freelancers and organisations working in the fields of social and environmental impact, community development, international development, health and wellbeing and the healing arts. Anna works with compassion, authenticity and a strong belief in your innate inability to shine light on your own path forward.

Before founding Anâhata coaching Anna’s work included:

-Director of a UK-based charity working on rural development initiatives in India (4 years)

– Consultant for Charities and UK Social Enterprises (5 years)

– Co-founder and Exec. Director, for ten years, of the award-winning international charity PhotoVoice, delivering media training projects for at risk groups as a tool for self-advocacy, self-expression and income generation (10 years)

Anna’s training and qualifications are as follows:

• Professional Certificate in Coaching Practice (accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF))

• Certificate in Executive Coaching (Accredited by ICF)

• Certificate in Team Coaching (Accredited by ICF)

• Ashtanga Yoga 250hr Teacher Training (Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals)

• Yin Yoga 50hr Teacher Training (Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals)

• Breathwork Instructor Certification (Yogalap)

• MBA with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship

• MA in Social Anthropolgy and Development

• Post-graduate Diploma in Periodical Journalism.

Anâhata coaching can provide deep support to other network members through coaching provision. Free exploratory calls are available to all network members and discounts are offered on coaching packages to network members.

Please contact to find out more or book a free exploratory call at

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