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We can assist you in finding the best renewable heating options.

Ground source heat pumps are a highly efficient and sustainable way to provide heating to your property, transferring heat from the ground into the building.  

Future Leap is partnered with award-winning and British-made heat pump specialists, dedicated to providing reliable and effective heating alternatives to polluting fossil fuels, from manufacture to installation.   

Each ground source system is conscientiously crafted by experts to deliver low-carbon, affordable and sustainable comfort all year round in an effective and environmentally friendly method.   

How does a Ground Source Heat Pump work?

The earth is heated by the sun, this heat is then stored two-or-so meters below the surface and maintains a temperature of roughly 10°c throughout the year. When fitting a ground source heat pump, pipes named ‘ground loops’ are installed underground, and are filled with fluid that absorbs heat from the earth. This fluid passes to a compressor that increases the temperature, then on throughout the property to radiators, underfloor heating and domestic water heating.  

The fluid passes back through the ground loop in a continuous process, constantly accessing the refreshed and renewable heat store in the earth. Ground source heat pumps do require an electricity supply to function, but they are a highly efficient, low carbon and low maintenance method of heating. 

Ground source heat pump installation and machinery

A ground source heat pump is comprised of three components 

  • A ground heat exchange loop (the pipe that is buried in the ground) 
  • The heat pump itself – used to concentrate heat from the ground 
  • A heat distribution system

Ground loops can be installed either vertically or horizontally by digging trenches to lay the piping. Typically, vertical installation is more expensive as specialist machinery is required to drill a borehole deep into the ground. Horizontal pipework is cheaper but requires more space for installation.  

ground source heat pump

Advantages of Ground Source Heat Pump

  • Low running costs – cheaper to run than regular electric heating systems
  • Safer heating alternative – there is no combustion or potentially dangerous gas involved
  • Low maintenance and longevity – lasting far beyond combustion boilers
  • Low carbon heating source – helping you to reduce your carbon footprint

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