Pieminister is a Bristol staple one-stop-shop for all things pie. Tristan and Jon made it their mission to reinvigorate the humble British pie following their travels to Australia and they have successfully done so starting with one shop on Stokes Croft and growing into a multi-venue business employing close to 300 people. They are a certified B corp company with sustainability at the heart of their operations, and the next step for them was to get a full scope carbon footprint and reduction plan. 

Future Leap worked with Pieminister to calculate a full scope 3 carbon footprint, designed to inform ambitious net-zero targets and progress their sustainability objectives. As a business they understood that the bulk of their impact would be in the ingredients they purchase and the products they sell.

As well as analysing the embodied carbon in the food they process, Future Leap designed a carbon calculator for their pie recipes. This allows for the environmental impact of recipe changes and per-product sales to be quantified. The data also allows the business to communicate its choices regarding sustainability to be effectively communicated to stakeholders and its customer base.  

In addition to the footprint, Future Leap are undertaking a thorough carbon audit of Pieminister’s operations across retail, manufacturing and transport. The outputs of this will inform the basis of a robust carbon reduction plan, designed to reduce emissions in line with their stated net zero targets as well as improving energy efficiency, cutting waste and increasing profitability at the same time. 



"Pieminister is Bristol 'born and bred', so it's always great to work with another local company. Not to mention the fantastic wider local sustainability network that working with Future Leap has allowed us to tap in and contribute to. The Future Leap team were a delight to work with from start to finish, providing friendly and professional support that completely suited our needs. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to achieve, but from the start they advised on what would be the best use of our time, energy and money - and ultimately what would be driving the biggest positive wider impact. We would recommend them to anyone else looking for a personalised solution (at a very fair price!). The findings were as expected on the most part, so not surprising, but still eye-opening to see in black and white just how large the value chain Scope 3 is compared to directly operational emissions! The carbon reduction plan that accompanied our footprint will support our forward plans for bringing our total footprint down - not an easy task, but one that every business should be tackling head on. Our next step is to set our net-zero ambition, including the short, medium and long term targets to achieve the 90%+ reductions required to hit this. And we look forward to continuing to work with the Future Leap team on this!"
Jeni Hunsley
Head of Sustainability and Innovation Projects

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