Stancold PLC are an installations company specialising in engineered spaces and clean rooms for the utilisation in range of applications including food storage and temperature-controlled spaces. In the course of our collaboration we’ve assessed and recommended appropriate sustainable energy supply alternatives, evaluated business related travel, and suggested retrofit of greener furnishings. We continue to assist the company in their ongoing journey to net zero and ambitions to reduce their carbon emissions by 90% by 2050.


"Having worked with Future Leap to develop our reduction plan, we will, in future years, not only reduce Stancold’s carbon usage even further but will be looking to push our suppliers to follow our example. Not only will this benefit the environment, it will also help us to help our customers’ aspirations to deliver projects in a more sustainable way."
Andy Croxton
Managing Director, Stancold

Client Experience

"We wanted to get an understanding of our current situation and where we can start to make changes, as we know it's becoming more and more important, both in the business world and our employee's personal lives. We recognise that our clients (and their clients) are identifying this as a requirement when selecting contractors to work with for projects.

We were starting from scratch with this process and didn't have much knowledge as to what was required to be able to account for our operational carbon and how we move forward. The consultants were helpful in being able to outline what they needed to be able to calculate our carbon intensity and then their recommendations following this gave us a good focus as to what the priorities are to look at going forward.

As a supply and installation subcontractor, it wasn't surprising that our scope 3 analysis was a major contributing factor, so we are working on putting pressure on our suppliers to account for their own carbon footprint and pro-actively assess the sustainability credentials of potential new suppliers.

Our vision is to keep working on our carbon reduction plan so that in our small area of the industry, we are doing what we can to lessen our impact on the environment, while further supporting the business' growth and our employee's own sustainability incentives."
Stacy Horseman
Marketing Manager, Stancold

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