RH&Co Unveils New Brand and Website

Copywriting agency Rin Hamburgh & Co has recent launched their brand new look, designed by fellow Future Leap Network members, Garrett Creative.

The Bristol based agency, which is currently going through the B Corp process, were looking for a “fresher, more grown up brand” to reflect their growth over the last two years.

“Since the pandemic, the business has changed so much,” says founder Rin Hamburgh.

“Our team has grown from 5 to 9, we’ve increase our turnover by almost 50% in the last year, and we’ve just moved into our first premises.

“More than that, we’ve honed in on our value proposition and messaging, and we needed a brand that reflected that and spoke to the expert-led businesses we work with.”

The RH&Co worked closely with the Ed and Issy at Garrett Creative to come up with the new look, which was then translated into a website by local development agency Appeal Digital.

The branding highlights the ampersand in the RH&Co business name, representing the collaborative approach the agency takes to creating copy.

“I love that there’s so much meaning woven into the work Garrett Creative have done,” says Rin.

“Our values and culture are a big part of who we are as an agency and Ed and his team have done a brilliant job of showcasing that. We’re absolutely thrilled with the results.”

Take a look at the new site at www.rin-hamburgh.co.uk

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