PyTerra, a Bristol early-stage ‘fintech-for-good’ company, is now seeking its first round of investment

Cities are made up of thousands of ageing single domestic properties which, together, have an extremely high carbon footprint and negative impact on wellbeing. It will not be possible to deliver national net zero targets if decarbonisation is addressed property-by-property. PyTerra is solving this problem by bringing together multiple properties to create large scale retrofit projects. Whole streets and entire apartment blocks can take advantage of being retrofitted at the same time. Its intelligence mapping software actually helps users identify these types of projects to match their search criteria such as geographic area, socio-economic target groups and property types.

This is just the start of a chain reaction PyTerra will be able to create on its platform. These development opportunities are matched with seed funding from private investors and then auctioned to suitable contractors and developers. The successful company can use the seed funding to offer discount vouchers to tenants, landlords and homeowners in order to encourage their engagement in the project. This process accelerates both the assembly and financing of net zero projects.

PyTerra’s approach has another application. It can be used by real estate developers to facilitate the progress of their projects through planning in an extension of the s.106 process. By encouraging their own investors to underwrite the seed funding for local retrofit opportunities, they can better achieve their ESG investment targets and also contribute to the success of their project. Imagine Avon Pension Fund investing into a Bristol city centre real estate project and at the same time supporting the retrofit of a socially rented apartment block in say the St Pauls area.

The challenge of climate change and access to affordable energy is creating huge opportunities for early-stage companies to innovate. PyTerra started this journey over two years ago and is now seeking first stage equity investment into the business. Through the launch and growth of its platform, it aims to accelerate positive social and environmental impact at a neighbourhood scale, globally.

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