New Business Launch

This article is by SuSyHouse.

Can we help you? Probably. Would you like to help us also? Hopefully.

You may have spotted our little team squirreled away in the far corner of Future Leap’s beautiful Clifton offices, busily gearing ourselves up toward the launch of our App;, in early Spring. is set to put homeowners in charge of how they can make savings both financially and in their energy consumption by using our revolutionary technology. Our unique, world-first technology will allow users to access and decipher data about their homes, including how much money they spend on energy, how much they can save, their CO2 output and ways they can adapt their homes for a greener lifestyle, to use less and save more. Homeowners will also be able to connect with a variety of accredited tradespeople through the app for quotes and estimations for any energy-efficient upgrades.

Our app will be able to pinpoint your house and our software can access local and national databases to create a “digital twin” of your home, enabling us to identify and propose what would be the most impactful home upgrades. Each project will come with an outline proposal of works as well as a bespoke cost/benefit analysis, and contact details of local traders and we will soon be introducing details of available financing options, including grants and loans.

We are currently sourcing accredited tradespeople as well as homeowners for our launch that will pilot across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. As a Future Leap member, we would like to offer you one of the first places for the pilot. There are just 100 places available for our launch in early March, and only a few remain. If you would like to be involved or would like more information on the project, please sign up.

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