Leading Bristol PR agency share achievements from working with MOD and Logiq Consulting on the Secure by Design launch (OggaDoon)

OggaDoon has shared achievements from their time working with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Logiq Consulting where they provided marketing and PR services to launch Secure by Design, UK Defence’s new approach to cyber security risk management. The collaboration saw OggaDoon research and produce a complex marketing and communications strategy to initiate cultural and behavioural change. This was followed through execution across the MOD generating substantial awareness and recognition and recall of Secure by Design, as project teams and leads adopted the new approach to reduce cyber vulnerabilities and increase resilience to attacks.

Secure by Design in Defence is the latest element in the UK Government’s adoption of early cyber risk identification and protection across its departments. For UK Defence and its supply chain, this heralds a purposeful shift from accreditation to ongoing self-assessment, moving cyber risk management into daily habitual activity. Secure by Design in Health, Secure by Design in Consumer Connectable Products and Secure by Design in the Cabinet Office are Government-led programmes that build towards a cyber-secure future for the UK.

OggaDoon was appointed in early 2022 to build a marketing programme that would reach people across all levels by utilising a multi-channel, multi-layered approach using shared key messages adapted to segmented audiences. With the MOD being a complex organisation with many levels and a myriad of stakeholders, information needed to be clear in catering to both military and civilian personnel to deliver awareness of this transformational shift in the organisation’s approach to cyber security.

Caroline Macdonald, CEO of OggaDoon, said: “We used our experience of working with complex organisational structures to deliver effective marketing and communications for the launch of Secure by Design. It was a complicated process, keeping in mind the multiple organisations within the MOD and the sheer number of people employed…

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