Weston College: Project Management Bootcamp – up to 90% funded for SMEs

Weston College has secured funding to offer a project management course suitable for:

  • Those who have been exposed to the world of project management within their job
  • Those who will be practicing project management in the near future who are looking for more specific training

This course is not for those who already have qualifications in project mamagement. The sessions act as a taster course for people looking to progress to formal project management qualifications.

Limited spaces are available for employers within the Bristol area.

The course is being delivered on a 1 day a week basis, with 10 training sessions.

Training will take place at the new Bristol Training Institute facility in Bristol city centre.

Is a formal qualification included?

No, this can be considered as preparation for the PMQ or PMI project management course. This is a robust project management training course delivered over 10 working days.

What is the price per learner for employers to pay?

70% funded for large employers (250 + employees) = £855 per person

90% funded for SMEs (under 250 employees) = £285 per person.

What is the criteria employers need to meet to access the funding?

Employers must complete the entire training programme. This means that any required assessments must be passes as well as them having attended the training, inclusive of the wrap around sessions.

Weston College will require confirmation from the employer that the learner has been offered a new role and/or responsibilities that match the new skills acquired through the Skills Bootcamp.

The college will also require evidence from the employer surrounding new opportunities or responsibilities (a new or enhanced role) for the employee up to 6 months after training. This written evidence must include information detailing the role, start date, relevant skills and salary.

Please contact lynsey.mckinstry@weston.ac.uk for more information.

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