Avon Needs Trees looking for volunteers to help plant 2,000 trees in the next two weeks!

This article was written by Avon Needs Trees.

Local charities Avon Needs Trees and the Forest of Avon Trust have worked in partnership to secure over 100 acres of land near the village of Pensford.

Great Avon Wood is the largest new woodland creation project on record for the West of England. Over the next three years, volunteers will help to plant and care for 40,000 trees supplied by the Woodland Trust. Dave Wood, Director of Avon Needs Trees reflects on the project so far:

“It has been amazing to welcome people to the site and to see the new woodland start to take shape. We are grateful to have so much interest from people from the local area and also from across the region. We are thrilled to have planted over 4,000 trees but we really need help to get 2,000 more trees planted before the start of April.”

The race to get 2,000 trees planted by the end of the month is due to the fact that trees are best planted when they are dormant and not actively growing. The dormancy period varies according to the weather and the tree species but the start of April generally marks the end of the planting season. People can sign up at Avon Needs Trees’ website https://avonneedstrees.org.uk/volunteering/

Avon Needs Trees is partnering with charity Black2Nature to run family-friendly tree planting days. Founder Mya Rose Craig (AKA birdgirl) attended the first event and was delighted to be planting trees with her sister alongside other family groups. She said:

“This is an incredibly exciting project and this sort of action on a local level is really important. It’s so nice for local communities to see that positive change is happening and that they can get involved with it themselves.”

We would love to have people come and join us on site for the last two weeks of planting and will be there Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week and next. Great Avon Wood is off the A37 just north of Pensford. It can be reached from central Bristol on the number 376 bus, and is only a short distance from Whitchurch, where Sustrans’ National Cycle Network 3 is largely vehicle-free to central Bristol.

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